We are the first to offer equity firms and UHNWI’s a wholesale position in the fine jewelry market, but it appears it may be catching!

Billionaire Calvin Lo in Hong Kong has created a fund for 42 HNWI in which he acquires diamonds and jewelry. However the verdict is still out regarding how specifically he will issue profit. Unlike us, he doesn’t buy & sell through retail and wholesale markets. Unlike us, he doesn’t allow leveraging of the inventory, so far as we know. Unlike us, he isn’t offering an ROI as we are, at least none we can find. So collecting expensive pieces of jewelry is fine, but wouldn’t you prefer that you were making money as well, not only protecting your liquidity?

We only allow a limited few to partake in this high return position.

It is in this way that we are able to offer YOU the best ROI possible, not sharing it among 50 or 100 others.

Far more than a fund, your position is an actual collection of high diamond jewelry which is yours alone, held in kind in our vault, not shared.

Right now, you can convert your liquidity into jewelry assets and start earning with us over one to two years or longer, you choose!

Yellow Diamond Collection – $2.5M

Pink Diamond Collection – $7.7M

Natural White Diamond Collection – $10.4M

Rest assured, knowing the beautiful jewelry that you choose from us is of the highest standard and the world’s best! We provide with every piece a certification only from respected leading labs like GIA, to assure you of it’s authenticity and quality!

Exceptional service means that anything you desire can be acquired, cut and mounted, so let us know! Within just a couple of weeks or so…. we will present it to you!

I look forward to welcoming you aboard as the proud owner of a collection!

Creator & Owner of Jacks Diamonds, Beverly Hills Diamond Collection, Hawaii Fine Diamonds LLC, Santa Barbara Fine Diamonds, Montecito Fine Diamonds, Maui Fine Diamonds, Kauai Fine Diamonds. We have been doing business in Southern California for 40 years and Hawaii 28.