The Beverly Hills Diamond Collection celebrates equity partners and investment firms (along with UHNWI’s) who wisely choose to invest or leverage their funds against a Private Jewelry Collection. As in any investment we wish for your success and want you to know we will do everything we can toward that goal.

Below you will find answers to questions which we hope bring you closer to deciding to be a partner with Beverly Hills Diamond Collection.


Q. Can you really increase my money up to 40%?
A. YES! Your buy-in determines your GUARANTEED RETURN. Larger buy-ins earn greater RETURNS. In fact, our Equal Partners earn 50%.

Q. Is there any way I can lose my money?
A. No, any losses sustained are absorbed by us as we are protected by Jewelers insurance. You always profit your GUARANTEED RETURN with ZERO risk.

Q. Is my position secured?
A. Yes. Your position is first held on memo as we create your fine jewelry collection. As soon as it is attained it is held and protected in our UL rated jewelry safe meeting the highest standards with alarm and video monitoring.

Q. Am I investing in your business?
A. You are investing in diamond jewelry. We manage that inventory until it is sold. Once sold, it is converted to cash and comes back to you plus profit.

Q. Can I have the inventory I purchased? 
A. You are purchasing a valuation of inventory proportionate to your position. You may purchase any of the inventory we sell at a discount of 25% to 50%, depending on the item and where you buy-in.

Q. How do I get into a position to start earning?
A. You would simply contact us by email or call (click on contact link). We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Q. Why do you have several colored (fancy) diamonds instead of white diamonds?
A. White (colorless) diamonds are plentiful, far more than colored and colored are more popular of late.

Q. Will I be a partner?
A. Yes, but not in the traditional sense. Rather, you are a DIAMOND buyer as a “Limited Partner.” We manage what you buy on your behalf, sell it, then pay you along with the noted ROI based on your buy-in amount. It will be contractual under a signed Limited Partner Agreement

Q. Can I get my money back.
A. Yes, once the agreed term has completed you will receive 100% of your buy-in plus ROI. It’s guaranteed.

Q. Why do you need to keep the collection for a year?
A. Buying and selling diamond jewelry doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process. We certainly could not resell it for you to make a profit if we did not have it on-hand.

Q. How do I know you buy diamonds?
A. Our primary business is buying and selling diamonds and high jewelry, that’s all we do, with access to a $400+ million inventory and selling through several offices and retail jewelry locations.

Q. Can I see the inventory list or a video?
A. Yes, after you have funded your selected position. Please note that in the jewelry industry we need to follow strict and numerous security protocol. With a $400m inventory and available inventory totaling $1.8b, it is imperative that this information remain unseen and un-published, specifically where it is secured so that it does not increase our security risk. Would you share with any who inquire how much jewelry you have and where you keep it? No, as it would no doubt make you a target.

Q. How do I know it is not some scam?
A. We are a U.S. company with physical offices in two states. You will receive an invoice once your buy-in clears our bank therein stating the terms in your contract. If you are not comfortable – please do not take a position.

Q. If you are already dealing in diamond jewelry what do you need partners for?
A. To expand our inventory through better buying power. Our expanding success means your success!

Challenge yourself and you will certainly find that nowhere will you reap such great RETURNS and literally GROW YOUR MONEY as we can!

“The three most common investments chosen are gold, real estate, and stocks. We would humbly like to add diamonds to the list. They’re more than just a girl’s best friend; they’re everyone’s best investment! Over the last ten years jewelry investments have outperformed the US equities, New York real estate, and gold bullion.”

Getting started:

We offer positions at every level. See further detail regarding the equity positions on the subsequent page – Click Here.

However, if you are looking for a sizeable entry of $150M+ to make the highest profit, consider our Exclusive Equal Partner Position below.

We have ONE position available for an EXCLUSIVE PARTNER who will enter at a $150M to 500M position to secure exceptional high jewelry assets of Gold & Diamonds. This EP will yield 50% Net of sales on infinite items procured and resold for two years, secured by a joint venture. Partner once insured as payee may leverage fully. To see it on the subsequent page please Click Here.

We look forward to on-boarding you as a new client!


Creator & Owner of Jacks Diamonds, Beverly Hills Diamond Collection, Santa Barbara Fine Diamonds, Montecito Fine Diamonds, Hawaii Fine Diamonds LLC, Maui Fine Diamonds, Kauai Fine Diamonds. Please note that our broad reach in the industry is world-wide availing us to exceptional quality gems and inventory exceeding $1.8B.

From Fdeyor Radiant Cut Diamonds to Asscher, Princess Cut and Harry Winston Marquise, Oscar Heyman Diamonds,

Cushion, Brilliant F Color, Solitaire, Cartier, Oval, Round, Step, Emerald, Pear, Radiant, European, Brilliant cut, all GIA certified diamonds!