The Beverly Hills Diamond Collection celebrates equity partners, investment firms and ULTRA High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI’s), who wisely choose to invest or leverage their funds while in a Private Jewelry Collection. Our positions offer the convenience of jewelry ‘held in kind’ so you may leverage the inventory. You or your clients will love the items and the GUARANTEED PROFIT while escaping otherwise unpredictable stocks.

The first High-Jeweler to
offer a turn-key position in the
wholesale diamond jewelry market.

The Beverly Hills Diamond Collection is the only high-jewelry inventory available that rewards you with reduced pricing upon entry for every piece of our new fine jewelry, while offering you 100% leverage! In addition, like world-renowned brands you will find exceptional design, craftsmanship, selection and value that will sustain in any market. We secure your collection, protecting it for you. Expected increases in gold prices have always supported jewelry as an investment. However, risk is inherent if you do not exit in the right manner. The fine jewelry offered is new and it must remain so for maximum returns if sold as retail.

Entry: Starting at $1M, you will enter your position receiving a 15% discount, with increasingly higher discounts for positions up to $150M. Over $150M, please refer to “Exclusive” below.

Beverly Hills Diamond Collection generously agrees to UPON EXIT retail the collection you’ve chosen at your purchase price PRIOR TO YOUR DISCOUNT, further maximizing your return for a mere 10% fee, another exclusive by us. You make back the difference between the discounted price you paid and full retail (less our small fee), literally handing you a wholesale position. This difference, in how we give back to our clients, makes us a stand-alone leader, being that typical industry buy-back is only 25% of purchase or below. If you perform an independent evaluation or appraisal (third-party appraisals available for a fee), this offer remains but we will offer at your re-evaluation, less our 10% fee. Beverly Hills Diamond Collection is under no obligation in such cases to pay you above your appraisal, since having acquired it you may have irreparably devalued the fine jewelry for the retail market.

Getting started:

We offer positions starting at $500k. Please contact us so we can discuss bringing you significant profit – Click Here.

Lower Entry Position:

Our sister company offers positions at every level. 

Enter the wholesale Diamond Business starting with just $5,000
Enter the wholesale Diamond Business starting with just $5,000

If you are looking for a sizeable entry over $150m in order to make the highest profit, consider our Exclusive Equal Partner Position below.

We have ONE position available for an EXCLUSIVE PARTNER who will enter at a $150M to 500M position to secure exceptional high jewelry assets of Gold & Diamonds. This EP will yield 50% Net of sales on infinite items procured and resold for two years, secured by a joint venture agreement. Partner once insured as payee can wrap or leverage fully. To see it on the subsequent page please – Click Here.

We look forward to on-boarding you as a new client!


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