We are offering the 'KEY' that UNLOCKS the door.

We're the first High-jeweler

to offer you an Equity + Profit position

in the diamond jewelry market.

Experts predict the global jewelry industry will exceed $307 billion by 2026, up from today by 25%. In addition to guaranteeing you profits of up to 50% you can also leverage your collection at 100%.

The Beverly Hills Diamond Collection celebrates equity partners, investment firms, family offices, along with UHNWI's, who wisely choose to invest and/or leverage their funds within a Private Jewelry Collection.
Are you ready to take a position with guaranteed growth at ZERO risk?



Until Beverly Hills Diamond Collection no other company has offered a position for those who wish to place their liquidity into jewelry assets with guaranteed returns up to 50% annually or longer.

The Beverly Hills Diamond Collection is the only high-jewelry inventory available that rewards you with reduced pricing upon entry for every piece of our new fine jewelry, while offering you 100% leverage! In addition to world-renowned brands you will find exceptional design, craftsmanship, selection and value that will sustain in any market. We secure your collection while selling it at resale.


We've changed the entire game with respect to securing your liquidity within assets, while growing profits PLUS!

"The three most common investments chosen are gold, real estate, and stocks. Over the last ten years jewelry investments have outperformed the US equities, New York real estate, and gold bullion."

Getting started:

We offer positions at every level. See further detail regarding the equity positions on the subsequent page - Click Here.

However, if you are looking for a sizeable entry of $150M+ to make the highest profit, consider our Exclusive Equal Partner Position below.

We have ONE position available for an EXCLUSIVE PARTNER who will enter at a $150M to 500M position to secure exceptional high jewelry assets of Gold & Diamonds. This EP will yield 50% Net of sales on infinite items procured and resold for two years, secured by a joint venture. Partner once insured as payee may leverage fully. To see it on the subsequent page please Click Here.

We look forward to on-boarding you as a new client!


Creator & Owner of Jacks Diamonds, Beverly Hills Diamond Collection, Santa Barbara Fine Diamonds, Montecito Fine Diamonds, Hawaii Fine Diamonds LLC, Maui Fine Diamonds, Kauai Fine Diamonds. Please note that our broad reach in the industry is world-wide availing us to exceptional quality gems and inventory exceeding $1.8B.

JamesEdition Approved Business

JamesEdition Approved Business